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Breeders of game in Sologne, the brothers Loc and Yvan LE BIHAN are for several years in search of innovative solutions to improve techniques for their breeding. They give now to all the breeders of the poultry sector the fruit of this search.

The CHOLLET CONCEPT SARL so proposes you " its range of innovative products"

- Another approaches the breeding with the “ poultry house  CHOLLET concept ® "

- The options of the poultry rearing house " CHOLLET concept Opted ® "

- Its boxes of transport, feeding dishes, breeding grounds DEPLIBOX " DEPLIBOX transport ® "

- We can realize grace to our quite typical machining center of boxes, boxes, breeding grounds, custom-made nourrisseur. " Custom-made DEPLIBOX "

You can consult the rewards obtained by the products of Chollet Concept and the nombeux press articles of which they were the object on the page " Press and Rewards".

To command or obtain personalized information, do not hesitate in Contact the CHOLLET CONCEPT SARL.